Men who can’t get sex are seen as losers

We hear a lot about double standards between female and male sexual behaviour. Women who have a lot of sex are often slut shamed, while men who have lots of sex are seen as ‘studs.’ What is often ignored however, is how true the exact inverse of this is. …

You see the image and you already know what this is about. You may be suffering from a certain level of fatigue with this story but don’t worry this is not another “what really happened?” piece. …

It wasn’t until I moved from Ireland to England at the age of 22 that I realised that not all gay men were stereotypically camp. Regretfully, I had an erroneous vision of gay men as effeminate, flamboyant, limp wristed and somewhat…silly. …

What started off as a harmless internet meme to poke fun at a stereotype that we all recognise has turned into something a lot darker.

I now simply must take it upon myself to mansplain the Karen phenomenon to you all.

This essay aims to explore the following,

  • Who is…

The following is an essay based on an updated transcript of my opening remarks at the Battle of Ideas 2019 where I spoke on a panel on the topic of, “Individuals Vs Identities: Can we move beyond Tribal Politics?”

I feel the sentiment is more relevant now than ever.

Identity over Individuality & Suffering over Achievements


William Costello

Irish man in Birmingham. Battle of Ideas: Birmingham Salon Debates member

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