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  • Paige Harden

    Paige Harden

    Professor of Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin. My book on genetics and social inequality will be out in 2021. labs.la.utexas.edu/harden/

  • Rob Walker

    Rob Walker

  • Yagmury Ertekin

    Yagmury Ertekin

  • Galen Watts

    Galen Watts

    Galen Watts is a PhD Candidate based at Queen’s University in Canada, but is currently a visiting student at Cambridge University in the UK.

  • Rob Brooks

    Rob Brooks

    Professor. Studies links between evolution, culture, econ & tech. New book: Artificial Intimacy: Digital Lovers, Virtual Friends & Algorithmic Matchmakers.

  • Jerry Barnett

    Jerry Barnett

    Jerry is an author and campaigner who writes about censorship, sex, race, science and identity politics. He is the author of Porn Panic!

  • Ophelia W.

    Ophelia W.

    26. Wide eyed wild woman. I like cats and madness.

  • Jason Noblet

    Jason Noblet

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